Healthcare solutions

Single platform to manage hospital activities

Medical centres today face myriad challenges in the form of increased scrutiny, evolving regulations and staff shortages. As a result of these dynamics, the need for efficiency in data collection, data management and better record keeping are more than essential to the healthcare industry now. . Preventable medical errors are a major healthcare concern today. Streamlining functions within and outside the medical centre can help minimise such errors and improve the efficiency with which services are performed.

Prodat can help you develop a unified platform which acts as a one stop shop to manage all medical activities in your medical centre right from inpatient formalities and record keeping to managing medical supplies and inventory.



complete digitization of functions undertaken at the medical centre

Integrate multiple departments


integrate data and processes related to multiple departments

Improved engagement


manage workflow based on strengths and opportunities

Reduced errors


prevents medical errors that may be caused due to human intervention

Data management


efficient management of the full data lifecycle needs of your medical centre


Prodat’s fully automated medical centre management platform:

  • Helps you effectively and efficiently manage resources between various departments
  • Reduces staffing requirements and augments efficiency thereby resulting in lower operating costs and improved profits
  • Mitigates clerical issues with enhanced data for analytics and statistical purposes
  • Provides an overall enhanced health care experience to your patients, doctors and caregivers
  • Patient admissions and record maintaining (including diagnosis, prognosis and integration of data from diagnostic centres)
  • Maintaining data related to doctors and other caregivers
  • Collaborations with pharmacies and other vendors
  • Maintenance and management of routine information such as appointment calendars, patient registrations etc

Let us help you better manage and upgrade your hospital administration.